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What is so different about my Upholstery Cleaning ?


Upholstery Cleaning is a very specialist job, here is a 'Step by Step' guide of what I do when I clean Upholstery. 


All Professional Upholstery Cleaners should be doing this as a minimum.  




Step 1 - Inspection 


When Cleaning Uphosltery it is vital to do a test to determine what Fabric the Upholstery is. This can only be done if you have been trained.

Once the fabric is identified I perform a few other simple tests to ensure that the fabric doesnt Shrink or lose its colour.


Step 2 - Dry Soil Extraction


Before any wet cleaning takes place it is vital to fullly vacuum the Upholstery.  This is done using a dedicated Commercial grade vacuum cleaner that removes up to 85% of Dry Soil.


Step 3 - Eco Friendly Product Applied 


A chosen Cleaning Solution is applied to your Sofa which is Child and Pet Friendly.  I only use Eco Friendly products which are derived from natural sources and are fully biodigradable.  This cleaning Solution will instantly start to loosen all the dirt and bacteria.


Step 4 - Agitation 


Depending on the type of fibre I have the option of using a mechanical agitation machine or an Upholstery Hand Mitt to agitate the Cleaning Solution further to assist in loosening the dirt.


Step 5 - Extraction 


Using the most powerful portable machine on the market and a specific Upholstery Tool all the Cleaning Solution, Dirt and Debris is removed from the Upholstery Fabric. This machine also leaves the fabric considerably drier than most.


Step 6 - Spots / Stains Inspection 


After fully rinsing the Upholstery quite often some stubborn spots or stains might still be present.  It is at this stage that these will be treated further with the correct dedicated products designed to remove them.  Being fully Trained in Advanced Stain Removal also helps this process.

The Upholstery is then rinsed again to remove these stains fully. 


Step 7 - Groom


The excess moisture on fabric is dried using 'Terry Towels' and also the Fabric is repositioned back to its original state.


Step 8 - Speed Dry 


I use drying machines to assist drying times which quite often vary from Zero - 4 hours drying times. 


Step 9 - 100% Satisfaction 


Prior to me leaving I re-inspect your Upholstery with you to ensure you are 100% Satisfied with my service. 


For a Free no obligation quote or to discuss your Upholstery Cleaning or Carpet Cleaning requirements, please complete the online enquiry form here or call us on 07786017559.


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                                                              Why Choose my Company ?


There are many reasons why you should choose my company.  


Here are the most important reasons for choosing me in my opinion -


  • I live here in Swansea 
  • I own this Business, it is NOT A FRANCHISE..!
  • Fully trained in Upholstery Cleaning 
  • Fully trained in Carpet Cleaning 
  • Fully trained in Advance Stain Removal
  • I am fully Insured (including any damage that may be caused)
  • I am DBS checked 
  • Invested in the best / powerful equipment
  • Use only Eco Friendly Products
  • Safe for Children / Pets 
  • Quick dryig times
  • Free 'after' telephone advice (unexpected accidents on your furnishings)
  • 5 Star ***** Google, Facebook and Yell Reviews



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For a Free no obligation quote or to discuss your Upholstery Cleaning or Carpet Cleaning requirements, please complete the online enquiry form here or call me on 07786017559.                      



Do you want to Save some Money when Cleaning your Upholstery ?



Wouldnt it be nice to get your Carpets Cleaned at the same time you get your Upholstery Cleaned?




     Well, if you do I can SAVE you some money.   




Its simple, it takes a lot time for me to travel to your house, unload my equipment from my vehicle to your front door. Then to re-load the equipment back into my vehicle.   This all takes time.....


So, if you get your Upholstery and Carpets Cleaned at the same time I can reduce my normal pricing as it will save me coming back again and therefore SAVE you money also.  


Its a Win Win situation....!


So Give me a call and dont forget to ask me for discounted prices for doing both your Upholstery Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning in the Swansea, Neath and surrounding areas


For a Free no obligation quote or to discuss your Upholstery Cleaning or Carpet Cleaning requirements please complete the online enquiry form here or call us on 07786017559.

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The Approved Carpet Cleaning Association Logo
I have recently been accredited membership with The Approved Carpet Cleaning Association known as TACCA. To become a member you must have the best and latest equipment, have full insurance which includes 'Treatment Risk' which covers the furnishings I clean. Not many companies have this so you can choose us having full confidence. Please visit the link by clicking on the TACCA logo. 


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