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Pro Carpet Cleaning Neath is owned by me personally Chris Walters.  I am local and this business is independant and family run covering the whole of Neath.  As well as offering Carpet Cleaning Neath I also offer Carpet Upholstery Cleaning. 

 Pro Carpet Cleaners Neath


When deciding to get your Carpets or Upholstery Cleaned I know its difficult so surely an easy start is to look at the companies reviews on Google...?


Carpet Cleaning believe it or not is a specialist job that requires Investment in training, INvestment in the correct machinary and Investment in the correct Insurance.


I have all of the above including 'Treatment Risk' which covers damage to any item that I am cleaning in the unfortunate event that something gets damaged.


Why coose my company ?


  • I live here in Swansea 
  • I am not a Franchise
  • Family Run Business
  • DBS Checked 
  • Fully Insured 
  • Fully Trained in Carpet Cleaning
  • Fully Trained in Upholstery Cleaning
  • Fully Trained in Advance Removal
  • Quick Drying Times 
  • 5 Star Reviews


What do I Charge ?


I understand that pricing is probablly one of the most important questions you want an answer for.  However, not all Carpets are individually the same and there are many factors that can increase the price and even on occassions reduce the price.


Here is a short list of what can increase and affect the price - 


  • Amount of Soiling
  • Stains (make up, Paint, Tea, coffee etc)
  • Access to property 
  • Parking restrictions outside
  • Distance to your property  


As a result of this I always offer a  Free  visit for me to assess these issues detailed above  and also to see and test the Carpet Fibre you want Cleaned.  By doing this allows me to determine the best procedure to Clean your Carpets.  It is also important to make sure your Carpets are secure to avoid the possibility of 'Shrinking' the Carpet.


carpet cleaning neath results before treatment with stains removedcarpet cleaning neath results after treatment with stains removed

 This free survey covers all of Neath Port Talbot and also Swansea and the surrounding areas.  Not many companies offer this personal service and that is one of the main differences between a Professional company that has been fully trained. 


What products do I use  ?


I use detergent free Cleaning Solutions the latest technology which is Eco Friendly and fully Biodegradable.  They are sourced from natural plants that makes it easy to rinse from your Carpets and therefore leaves no residue and no chance of your Carpet re-soiling quicker. 



These Eco Cleaning Solutions make it safe to use in your homes and are safe for your Children and Pets. 

For a Free no obligation quote or to discuss Carpet Cleaning Neath requirements, please complete the online enquiry form or call us on 07786017559.

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The Approved Carpet Cleaning Association Logo
I have recently been accredited membership with The Approved Carpet Cleaning Association known as TACCA. To become a member you must have the best and latest equipment, have full insurance which includes 'Treatment Risk' which covers the furnishings I clean. Not many companies have this so you can choose us having full confidence. Please visit the link by clicking on the TACCA logo. 


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