Carpet Cleaning Neath

My name is Chris Walters the owner of this business which covers the Neath Valley and surrounding areas.

Get the most thorough Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning in Neath by choosing a reputable company that lives here in Neath, not some Franchise from afar that you will probably never see again.

Upholstery Cleaners Neath

I am an independent local family run business that has been fully trained in Upholstery Cleaning.

Unlike other companies, I’m also trained in Upholstery Advanced Stain removal which allows me to remove the most stubborn of stains as you can see below.

This picture is of Red Wine on a pure Cotton Sofa.


Free Quotation

If needed I can offer a free quote in person where I can inspect and test your Upholstery to determine what Fibre it is and to determine if it can actually be wet cleaned as not all Upholstery can be wet cleaned.

I have invested in the best machinery and use Eco-Friendly fully biodegradable Detergent free cleaning Solutions to achieve the best results.

Choosing a Carpet Cleaner in Neath

Not all companies are the same and not all companies will achieve excellent results.

There are many factors that will determine this such as the quality of the machinery and products being used.

Experience, knowledge and being Trained in Upholstery Cleaning will also help achieve the best results as without knowledge you cannot achieve satisfactory results.

Not all companies have completed any training especially when it comes to Cleaning Upholstery.


Not all companies are insured either.

So what happens if they damage your Upholstery?

Well, rest assured, I am fully trained in Upholstery Cleaning and have full Insurance including a term called ‘Treatment Risk’.
If for any unfortunate reason damage did occur when I was cleaning your Upholstery then my insurance company will step in and assist your claim.

If you wish to see copies of these certificates then I would be more than happy to email or show you these when I meet you.

Neath Upholstery Cleaning 100% Guarantee

Once I’ve completed the Cleaning procedure of your upholstery my service doesn’t end there.

If you were to accidentally spill anything on your upholstery within 14 days of me cleaning it then I will come out free of charge and remove the stain.
(Trust me this does happen that’s why I offer this)

It doesn’t stop there, once you are my customer I offer free ongoing and unlimited amount of stain removal advice over the phone.

Do you need more details about our carpet cleaning services?

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